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Blood Rune is a legacy role-playing tabletop card game of heroes in search of fame, fortune, love and power in a world fractured by divergent time streams. Players inhabit characters in an ongoing epic tale. Blood Rune’s unique Saga system establishes the Location, Challenges, and Goals that will determine the course of the adventure.


2-8 players embark on a role-playing adventure with or without a dedicated game master.
Easy to learn, quick to play. Beginners can learn to play in 15 minutes, and a typical session can last up to 60 minutes.
Collectible cards reflect a real-world economy fueled by fans all over the world.
Core Set features everything you need to run the game.
Player’s Starter Pack features everything you need to join a game.
Rare Booster Packs feature Rare items.
Epic Booster Packs feature Epic items.
Legendary Booster Packs feature Legendary items.
Mythic Booster Packs feature Mythic items.
Cards can be purchased online and are minted on the Phantasma blockchain, securing ownership of your cards.


The pre-sale has concluded, but you can find NFTs for sale on GhostMarket. NFTs are minted under the ticker BRC (Blood Rune Coin). Future NFT sales will take place on our website.


Phantasma’s extremely low mint cost, powerful NFT standard, cross-chain functionality and ability to mint on-chain, on-demand allows us to offer an amazing gaming experience for a mass market audience using blockchain. Compared to more established blockchains, Phantasma is not only certified carbon negative, its technology is also much more powerful.


Illuminated Entertainment was founded in 2020 by a group of game industry veterans, blockchain developers, and tabletop game enthusiasts. Our team members have years of experience in our craft, and we’ve each individually worked on titles for Activision, EA, and Paizo.